Mailbox Folders Automation

Hi Guys,

Project goal: Create ticket for email from yesterday found in mailbox folders.

Any ideas on how I can automate email from different folders in a Outlook shared mailbox. I already have one existing which creates tickets for every email received.

But now I need to do it for all other folders. These folders assigned to different vendors so need to input vendor name and number in the sharepoint ticket then attach the email and assign.


For each outlook email from yesterday
save email
create ticket for each email in folder. Input vendor name and number
attach email to the ticket created
assign ticket to Product Manager

HPE - 103299
Polycom - 105660

email to ticket

Hi @Lolong_Alvin

You can get the sub folders in get outlook mail message


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you @AJ_Ask but what I’m trying to do is loop the activity thru all emails on these folders and one of my problem is how the bot will capture vendor number when creating ticket.

These folders are for different vendors which have assigned vendor number and in creating ticket in sharepoint I need to input vendor number so how would the bot know its already working on different folder to enter the correct vendor number. Sample in 2nd screenshot it type vendor number for HPE

email to ticket

Can you post your workflow how you are looping through all the shared folders

Hi @Lolong_Alvin

Consider this approach if it can help. Let me know if there are any challenges.



You use this approach.

Main Workflow:

Sub Workflow:

Sample Code: (5.8 KB)

Regarding how to get vendor number, you can have it in a dictionary type of variable like {"Vendor Name",Vendor number}

Follow the code and you will have your solution.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Thank you @ashokkarale I will try this one. I can’t open your attachment as I’m using StudioX

Hi @AJ_Ask,
Here’s the workflow.