Create/Read simple table in Body email in outlook


I’m currently trying to implement mail automation for my project.

I can get the email and send one, but i’m suppose to create a Table with some numbers.
Four columns with header and 1-4 rows.

I’ll send it to empty to a person, and he will respond by filling up the table, after that i would like to get those numbers into UiPath.

Is anyone already figured something like that ?
Or should I use a workaround ?

Thank you for your help/time.

Hello Peter,

There is an option on the mail activities for IsBodyHTML - the below link suggests that you can pass HTML to the body of the email rather than plain text so you should be able to pass your table tags through and create the table that way. I have never tried this though.


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Hello Richard and thanks,

I have tested that in deed you can fill the body with HTML and activate IsBodyHTML to create a table, care though, the HTML and CSS does not behave like in classic web design, the CSS need to be in your HTML tag in order to function almost properly.
Now the challenge would be to receive that kind of mail and extract infos from it…

Thanks again.



Trying to implement email automation for my project.

I am able to create and write a table in the mail body by passing HTML tags but i am still clueless regarding reading values from the table using UiPath activities.

Anybody to help how to read values from a table cell pasted in mail body.

Thank you in advance

Hi Peter . Have you got solution for this ? to read data from tabular mail body .

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