Mail Activity 1.10.5 issue

I have the same issue with uipath.mail.activities 1.10.5

With version 1.9.5 its working.

@Pablito can you verify is that sth wrong with activity or is it some configuration issue? With new version of activity (1.10.5), when I leave “From” property blank i get error:


With old version it didnt require any value.

Hi @Yameso,
If it’s working on previous versions then it looks like a bug for me. Let me push this information to our team internally to take a look at it.

Other unexplained issue with 1.10.5 is get exchange mail message (filter property):

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I also have the same error message with the activity Send Exchange Mail Message with “on Premise” Exchange Server. If I use Studio 20.10.8 and the package 1.10.4 or 1.10.5 → SMTP error message. With package 1.9.6 it works without errors.

Greetings Michael

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Hello everyone, I’ve the same trouble. I using Studio 2021.4.4 and package version 1.10.5. When I use previous versions (1.7.2) work, but this case, the package doesn’t have 365’s support.

Yup, the case is still being investigated.

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Hey, not exactly. I find another away. I change the activity. Now I’m using “Send Exchange mail message” instead of SMT, inside of retry scope. I don’t Know why, but some times doesn’t work and I just retry and work.

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