Mail Activity 1.10.5 issue

I have the same issue with UiPath.mail.activities 1.10.5

With version 1.9.5 its working.

@Pablito can you verify is that sth wrong with activity or is it some configuration issue? With new version of activity (1.10.5), when I leave “From” property blank i get error:


With old version it didnt require any value.

Hi @Yameso,
If it’s working on previous versions then it looks like a bug for me. Let me push this information to our team internally to take a look at it.

Other unexplained issue with 1.10.5 is get exchange mail message (filter property):

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I also have the same error message with the activity Send Exchange Mail Message with “on Premise” Exchange Server. If I use Studio 20.10.8 and the package 1.10.4 or 1.10.5 → SMTP error message. With package 1.9.6 it works without errors.

Greetings Michael

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Hello everyone, I’ve the same trouble. I using Studio 2021.4.4 and package version 1.10.5. When I use previous versions (1.7.2) work, but this case, the package doesn’t have 365’s support.

Yup, the case is still being investigated.

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Hey, not exactly. I find another away. I change the activity. Now I’m using “Send Exchange mail message” instead of SMT, inside of retry scope. I don’t Know why, but some times doesn’t work and I just retry and work.

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I just checked what is causing the problem for send exchange mail message with higher version than 1.9.5.

I tested this on version 1.12.3, Studio 21.10.4:

When I send mail with “SaveCopy” checkbox checked then I get error:


When I fill the property “From” with email address it is working well.

If I uncheck the box ‘SaveCopy’ then property “From” could be blank. Robot is sending email properly.

So I’m guesing that activity is capable to send email from email address based on login in domain. But when it tries to save it as well then it doesnt accept default value and use “From” property even if it’s empty.

1.9.5 version doesn’t require “From” property filled, even with “SaveCopy” checked.

Is it possible to fix it as it was in 1.9.5?