LX unable to select field to input text

Hello! I am currently trying to log on to a program called LX using UiPath to practice inputting information on there for an automation project I will be getting soon. Right now I am trying to log on with UiPath. The login menu looks like this:

The issue is, when I try to select the field I want to type into, it is not able to select the specific field and instead selects the entire menu. I heard I can use OCR to do this however I am not too sure how. This is a really old program and nothing I do will let me properly type into this field.

When the username is typed in, it should look like this

When the password is typed in, you cannot physically see the characters, except for the white dash that indicates the character’s position

hi @Hisuhong

Try to do inst@ll UiP@th.Termin@l.@ctivities

use Termin@l Sesion @ctivity



Is it Mainframes application ?

If yes then install Uipath.Terminal.Activities package and then use required activities in this.

They call it LX over at my company.
This is what the file type looks like and I am not sure how to use the terminal activity for this, or if it’s even compatible with this. Apparently this has been made in the 1990s so it’s really old

hi @Hisuhong

@re u @ble to use ctrl +c & ctrl+v

@shwin S

No I am not

Hold on, let me send a better screenshot

hi @Hisuhong

Use Termin@l @ctivities

@shwin S


I’ve never used the terminal activity before. How do I set up the terminal session @AshwinS2?

So I set up the terminal session to this:

But my terminal wizard is a black screen and I can’t do anything on it

Hi @Hisuhong

Use attach window and try to do Citrix automation


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