How to read value from a field in desktop application

I’m trying to get Uipath to read the value from the LOS field (screenshot attached) but I haven’t had any luck. Can someone please provide some advice on how to go about reading/extracting the value ‘1’ from the LOS field? This is a clinical application which does not provide me the option of changing the accessibility setup so when I use Find Element, the selector selects the entire window and does not recognize the individual UI element or fields.image

Hi @kerri.tiam2

Did u enable java extension ?

HI @NIVED_NAMBIAR , thanks so much for your response. I just enabled java extension. Do you know which activity I should use to get the value in the LOS field?

Hi @kerri.tiam2 you get text activitiy for this @kerri.tiam2

I just realised that the application I’m automating is a Citrix app. When I try to use Screen Scraping or UI Explorer, Uipath produces the following error msg telling me that uipath is not running in the remote session. Just wondering if you have any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks again



Please check this documentation to automate Citrix applications.

Thanks @Dennis_Gabriel . I’m having issues going down this path of installing the remote runtime component since the Citrix servers are hosted externally by a 3rd party.
Have resorted to using mouse clicks and hotkeys to achieve the automation