Lower case output in c#

Hi Team,

how to convert the output data table text string to .lower case letter after read the row data in excel?

i tried .ToLower() but have error “InvalidLValueExpression”


  1. Add a “For Each Row” activity and set the “TypeArgument” property to System.Data.DataRow to loop through each row.
  2. Inside the “For Each Row” activity, add an “Assign” activity to convert the “DateColumn” value to lowercase:

Assign activity:
row(“DateColumn”) = row(“DateColumn”).ToString().ToLower()

Hi @balaraj.pubalan

Try this


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Can you try to set just kwKeyword in the Text property?

Then use the assign activity as the following.



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Have error Lcase does not exist

hope it works


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Thanks man…this works…i just curious can assign back the same variable or not :slight_smile,so it possible also…Thanks for the knowledge share :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks…yes…it works after assign it back. :slight_smile:

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