How to check "ToLower" while comparing this datatabl

Hi team,

while writing -

vDTCheatSheet.Asenumerable.Where(Function(r) r(“Supplier Name”).Tostring.Trim.equals(InArgSupplierName.Trim)).Copytodatatable

I want to convert to lowercase and check but I am not able to convert it for r(“SupplierName”).ToString

Can you let me know how to do it?


Hi @gokul1904 ,

Could you just append .ToLower to the above and check ?

We also would mention that when checking case insensitive, we would convert both operands to the same case, In your case, InArgSupplierName.Trim.ToLower would also be required, For a case sensitive operation, we could keep the words/strings as it is.

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You are almost there just append .ToLower Use this expression

vDTCheatSheet.Asenumerable.Where(Function(r) r(“Supplier Name”).Tostring.Trim.ToLower.equals(InArgSupplierName.Trim)).Copytodatatable


Hello @gokul1904

Please check the below post.



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