Activity Filter Data Table column to lower

How in activity Filter Data Table convert string column to lower in filtering field?
It must be column Name to lower.
Or is it impossible to do in this activity?


No unfortunately, you just need to type the column name exactly as it is, and its case sensitive

a work around that would allow you to use the .ToLower() function is using for each row to filter through your DT

And in method DataTable.Select case does not matter? In datable name “John” and in condition use “JOHN” and Select return 1 record!

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General reference on filtering:

for the select method following Docu can be refered:

With LINQ (Quick Approach, not handling empty result)
(From d in YourDataVar.AsEnumerable
Where d(YourColNameOrIndex).toString.toLower().Equals(yourSearchTerm.toLower())
Select d).CopyToDataTable


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