Read excel and convert to small letter

I have used “Read Range” to read an excel file and want to convert all data to small letter and output to variable. It is possible?
The reason of doing this is to facilitate the vlookup from 2 excel. Currently facing vlookup problem because of the case sensitive and hence would like to convert all to small letter.

Thank you

You can use for each row activity. And inside the activity use assign as below
row(“your column name”)=row(“your column name”).tostring.toLower
And by using output datatable activity you can convert Datatable to string variable.

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How to do it if it’s a DataTable? I wanted all data in the DataTable convert to small letter to facilitate vLookup.

LCase(DT_vCenter).Trim will make all data into small case.
UCase(DT_vCenter).Trim will make all data into Upper case.