Low code no code automation


I was wondering :thinking:
Low code no code automation tools are defiantly encouraging citizen developers to automate processes.
How is it going to effect the quality of the code and commercial value of the end product(bot developed).
Will this drift towards Low code no code effect a seasoned developer ?

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There are many factors to consider as well.
First, if you build a Low Code/No code (LCNC) automation, you will still need to deal with the following practical realities:

Is your automation meant only for a small team? If yes, then you can be the lead for your small team and drive the Citizen Developer movement.

If no, then what will be your role as a NCLC Citizen Developer? Will you own the responsibility of maintaining, upgrading and troubleshooting the application across the Enterprise?

What are the compliance and security issues that you as an NCLC developer have to deal with? In an Enterprise an NCLC developer will not have access to all systems across an Enterprise and justifying such access is easier said than done.

Next, will all of these responsibilities eat into the productivity of your actual job function?

NCLC has definitely made things simpler, but it still requires you to learn how to use it and then put it into action beyond the boundaries if your desk. Because if you confine it just to your desk then your business will have very little to gain from it.

thank you @AndyMenon this is insightful.

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