Lotus Notes Activity Use with Sub Folder

Hi Team,

My issue is related to Lotus Notes Activity,
I want to get mail from Inbox of my Mail different Category. But get lotus notes mail giving me mails of Home.

Please help or provide doc related to the solution of this.



May I know what was specified in the Mail Folder property

Cheers @ShekharRPA

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Hi @ShekharRPA

Can you tell us what Mail folder you have set

ashwin S

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When setting Inbox in Get lotus notes mail activity, it is giving home messages, not the in inbox of mail

Hi @ShekharRPA

Have you mention it as [Home]

Ashwin S

Actually i want messages present in Share inbox in Lotus notes not from Home

Hi @ShekharRPA
I have the same problem, Have you known the correct way to retrieve message from the custom folder or sub folder?
Best Regards!

Hi, Anyone can suggest … .how to get ‘Sub-Folder’ mail activity in Lotus Notes

Ex: For use inbox mail - “($Inbox)”

Hi @ARahman
Yes,it is.
the custom folder is “customname”, and in my envrioment, the folder name must be english!

So how to code for Sub-folder?

Hi @ARahman
I try like it,and its worked!

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Hi Donghai,

Can you share an example with Screenshot or Xaml for the same??

Hi @ShekharRPA
I’m sorry for late to reply.
use the Get IBM Notes Mail Messages activity, then set the MailFolder attribute is “yourmessagefoldername\yourmessagesubfoldername”,and set the Password attribute is your Notes password, it’s will be worked.
I’m sorry that the Xaml is in the Production enviroment,so I can’t share the Screenshot or Xaml.

Actually it is not Sub, It is shared inbox in Lotus notes.

Hi @ShekharRPA
I didn’t test for the share folder.
I have got the right folder name by the VBA code, It can list all the correct folder name, so may be you can try it.
Blow is a example,I have not the IBM NOTES client in my computer,so i can’t test it.
You can test it.

Sub GetAllViews()
Dim aNotes
Dim aDataBase
Dim aView
Dim j As Integer

Set aNotes = CreateObject("Notes.NotesSession")
Set aDataBase = aNotes.CURRENTDATABASE
j = 1
For Each aView In aDataBase.views
    Cells(j, 1) = aView.Name
    Cells(j, 2) = aView.IsFolder
    j = j + 1
Set aNotes = Nothing
Set aDataBase = Nothing
Set aView = Nothing

End Sub

@donghai can you please shared sample workflow for reading mails from sub folder using lotus notes activity. I am also facing same issue

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Hi @saleem-shaikh
I am sorry for reply this late.
I just uesed it in production envrioment,no sample and IBM NOTES.
But I think it’s easy if you use the english IBM NOTES folder name.