Get IBM Notes Mail Message - retrieving from the oldest email instead of the newest

Hi, I am facing an issue while using the activity Get IBM Notes Mail Messages.

After using this activity, I realised that the results are starting from the oldest email in the mailbox. Instead, I would like to use the activity to read the newest emails in a period of time. Is this possible?

I have thought of creating a new folder, so that when I receive an email, a copy of the email will be sent to the folder. For example, I have created a new folder “New” and I input the folder name in the activity as “$New”. So that I could simply read the folder and remove the email after reading the folder. However, the result is that it could not read the folder.

In addition, after reading the folder and retrieving the email, I wonder what could I do with the mailMessage? As I could not find any useful tutorials related to Get IBM Notes Mail Message. How can I save the emails and the attachments in a local folder?

(I would also like to ask, can I actually use other Get Mail Message for Lotus Note? If yes, how should I set the property of the activity?)

Thank you.

Hi, have you resolved this problem?
Aboute the custom Folder,In the offical documents said “For custom user-created folders, the folder name must be written in clear, without the additional symbols.”
but orther questions,I don’t know how to resolve?

Hi ,

Try to use the latest UiPath.Mail.Activities Package whcih is still in preview i.e (1.9.0-preview)

With this I could able to get the newest mails first and all the other mail properties are accessible.