Reading Mails from Shared Mailbox Through IBM Lotus Notes

Hi Team,

Can anyone suggest on how to read mails from a shared mail box through IBMLotusNotes,
I am able to read mails from my own mail box but not through shared mail box. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

we can use this activity

Cheers @ronak_94

I am using this activity only to read the mails from my own account and its working for me, but not able to read the mails from shared mail box.

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I hope it would work with Exchange mail activities where we can specify the shared mailbox folder
kindly try once with that
Cheers @ronak_94

Hi, any success here? Somebody able to read from shared bailboxes?

Hi Mick.

Able to read the emails, but there were 10 emails in the folder.
I was able to fetch 7 emails but after that observed a special character in your subject line and it fails.

This might help.


Hi Ronak,

Thanks for the reply. How did you do it? How to refer to the shared mailbox?

Hi Mick,

I referred to shared mailbox by passing the whole path in the mail folder like “SharedMailbox($Inbox)”.
You can find the whole path of the sharedmailbox in the Properties panel.


Hi, ronak_94!
I try “$Inbox)” in MailFolder field in UiPath activity, where is shared mailbox. But List MailMessage is empty.
What am i doing wrong?

P.S If i type in MailFolder field “($Inbox)”, it’s OK and i see incoming emails in account.

Hey everyone,

i am bit confused as well. Do we maybe need the to write the server adress like this LNT04110/SRV/DACH041/DACHSER/DE($inbox). Or maybe reference the .nsf file somehow? Does someone have an example workflow how you can get the mails from a shared mailbox in IBM Lotus Notes?


@ronak_94,Can you please provide any sample workflow for reading mails from shared folder using get IBM notes mail activity. I am also facing the same problem.