Get IBM Notes Maill Activities

In UiPath activities [Get IBM Notes Mail Messages],

When I use [$Inbox] in Input > MailFolder, it will run sucessfully.
But when I change it into $All, which refer from offical documents, it shows an error as picture. enter image description here

What is going on?

UiPath Studio version: 2020.10.2

IBM Notes version: 9.0.1

Hi @James_Yang

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Check out the Documentation


Thanks Goku but
I have seen this file and it is not work

I don’t this so we can’t give ($All) You should define folder name as mention in the above screenshot @James_Yang

I don’t really understand what you mean but below is my needed:
I want to use [All Documents] Options in IBM NOTES instead of specific folder names.
The picture is a schematic diagram from google.

And I saw ($All) in the documents like your screenshot.
I’m confused that why I can not change ($Inbox) to ($All).