Loop, uipath studio, while, for each

Hello, I am want to make a loop in a list which unpatch studio doesn’t see the selectors, but I did it with sending hotkey “down” but I am stuck at the last row and it keeps looping on it how can I go out of it. Is there a condition like “if send hotkey change nothing break or exit”? Thank you

Hi @ffooxx,

You can read the line you are on in a variable Var1 and check if Var1=Var2, where Var2 is the line at previous step

Actually the studio doesn’t see the lines it sees it as an image, that’s why I use send hotkey to make a loop of each row

Can you use OCR?

Or any element the Bot can recognize and changes when you cycle through the list?

Could you please tell how exactly I can use it. I have a list in the application Which isn’t seen by selector.

Hi @ffooxx,

With OCR you have to go by Trial and error. If the line is in any way highlighted when selected that could work.
Also if the last line is always in the same position (there is a scrolling bar so the last element is always in the same position, even if the element change), that should work to

If you can provide a screenshot i can maybe see if i notice anything more