Loop through the data Table

I need help to loop through the table and based on the Type I will click on the search icon

for example , anytime, the type is WI3 I will click on search icon perform some action then go back to the main page and click at the other row that has WI3

Scrap the table with data scraping and get the table in a datatable,
now loop the table using for each data row activity

give a if condition inside , check Currentrow(“Type”).contains (“WI3”)
If condition is true use navigate to activity to navigate to the search result

Refer the below link to get an idea about the flow

Muhamed Fasil

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Hi @mohammed.alsaadi,

you can open or navigate to a particular record in the table given in screenshot by following steps:

  1. Scrape Data and Apply a filter on Column “Type” to get your records.
  2. Loop through each record from the result table and use Navigate To Activity to navigate to a specific item using “ACME System 1 - Log In”+WID.

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  • You can use Data scarping (output var - DT) to get the table data
  • Copy that DT data to an excel from where you can read to data table again or use the data in the DT directly
  • Loop through each row in DT
  • Use anchors to make the bot to identify on which magnifying symbol it has to click on

Please find attached sample workflow

Example.zip (8.9 KB)

Below doc for ref

thank you for your help.

thank you for the help

@mohammed.alsaadi NP. Please make sure you mark as the solution once you find the right one. So that it helps others with the same query

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