Loop through Excel shets

I have an excel file with multiple sheets

Main sheet (has the user contact info)
sheet 2 (airline info)
sheet 3 (hotel info)
sheet 4 (Car info)
I am logging into the site and updating the profile for each user
how can I make the BOT go through each of these sheets to enter that info and proceed to next user
some user lot of travel, car or hotel info some would have nothing so I want the BOT to detect that and update the rightprofile or proceed to next user if it cant find any info in the sheets for that user.

Please help me on this ASAP.



First you need to use Excel Application Scope, then use for For Each activity outside of the Excel Application Scope:




GetSheets() is used to list all the sheets in a specific Excel File.

**Make sure in the property pane you set Type Argument as String