Vlookup excel , continuous bot run

I have below requirements -

a) there are two sheets with records. bot has to perform VLOOKUP and create sheet3
sheet1 - first name, last name, gender, email, unique id
sheet2 - hotel address, pin code, country

sheet3 - few columns of sheet 1 , sheet2 -----> output of bot

b) Run bot continuously and scan excel sheet 1. if new entries are added, process new records and add to sheet 3. same steps for new records added to sheet 1

If this is the only requirement, you don’t really need to use a robot, all you need to do is use Excel formulas or macros. From your scenario, seems you will be using a full robot license just to monitor and update an Excel.

@Cristian- both requirements need to be completed by BOT. Bot scans sheet1. Any new records added to sheet1, sheet2. Sheet3 is actually compiled by BOT after VLookup done in both sheets.