How to set the for each loop for the data in excel

Hello All,
My issue is the first reads the date from Excel.

  1. The first sheet contains ticket details like Description,User,Attachment ,Title.
    For each there are certain roles to be assigned to user that are in the corresponding sheets.
  2. It is like n tickets then n+1 sheets.
  3. The bot opens the tool clicks on new request fill the details that are in first sheet and then it should assign the roles in the sheet related to this.
    For example in 1st sheet ticket 1 should get roles from sheet named as ticket 1.
    for this i have used
    Excel Application scope
    Read range from Sheet 1
    then stored them to variables using for each row loop get row activity
    then i have used Read Range for sheets with roles .

The bot is picking the last sheet of roles and for all the tickets.
For example for ticket1 sheet 2
ticket2 sheet 3
But it is picking sheet3 for both please see the attachments and help me to resolve this !

Hi @Vishnu_gadikota,

There could be an issue with the For Each activities. Please zoom out to show more activities.The image shown is for sheet 1, there is no sheet 3.