Loop through all pdfs to convert into image

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I need help. I have folder with pdfs and each pdf’s has many pages. I would like to convert for e.g. page 1 from the pdf 1, page 3 from pdf 2 etc into image.

Can you please let me know how to go about this?

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Use Export PDF page as Image activity to do that.

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@lakshman . Thank you very much. I tried with one pdf. But as i am new to this tool not sure how can i go about iterating through the pdfs and

selecting the page i need to save as image.


  1. First use below expression to read all pdf files from specified folder.

    arrPdfFiles = Directory.GetFiles("Folder Path","*.pdf")
  2. And then use For Each loop to iterate one by one pdf file.

             For Each item in arrPdfFiles
                 Use Export PDF page as image and pass item to it
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May I know how you will get know which page you want to convert as image for each pdf file ?

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Thank you @lakshman Really appreciate your help.
Yes its a good question. I have lots of pdfs and the information is spread across different pages in different pdfs. Mostly it comes from page1 or page 3.

Can you please share the workflow if possible so that i can replicate?