Conversion of pdf to images

I am getting pdf files using directory. After importing pdf files I am using export pdf to image activity. It run successfully for 1st pdf file but when iterating through second file it gives an error.

Export PDF Page As Image: A generic error occurred in GDI+.

I have also used delay of 3000 milliseconds. This issue has been resolved in a post

but I am unable to implement it. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

@Sweety_Girl @rmunro

Please check whether the file is open in the background, try delay before using it

I have used delay activity. I have created one dummy image file in my UiPath project folder. I am exporting pdf files one by one using for each loop. But one I write one pdf file to that dummy image it doesn’t over write it while executing the second iteration.

Yes I faced the same issue, This issue is when we try to overwrite the same image file…

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You get me right.

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Yes, Try to delete\move the old image file… and use delay and process it,

Hope it should work

If I will delete that dummy .png file then on second iteration export image to pdf will generate an error. Because it could not find .png file.

Still unable to do that…

Save the image file with different name(using iterating names)… and delete it once you are not using it anymore or finally delete it

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Done with it… Thank You for your time.



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