Export all PDF pages as image

Hello guys!

As described in the heading, I am trying to export each page as an image.

Here is my workflow:

And this is the error message I get:

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you and happy holidays :slight_smile:

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the count variable was more than the # pages in your pdf, you need to break out of the while loop when count = total pages in pdf


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As @jack.chan mentioned, pdf page count exceeded because of that you are getting this error.

First find out the number of pages in the given pdf file using Get PDF Page Count. And then check the condition in While loop activity against the counter variable. If its less than the page count then only increment counter variable. Once all pages completed it will come out of the loop.

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Hey @Nicolai

As a first step, get the PDF page count using the below activity.

Then use a while loop, to export the images from all those pages got from above.

Hope this helps.


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@Nicolai While condition making this issue. Condition should be


Please find sample workflow below

Example.zip (81.5 KB)

Note : Make sure you install UiPath.PDF.Activities after opening this workflow

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Thank you for your fast answers. You guys are amazing! :heart:

Sorry for the late response. I have solved it now and thats my final workflow:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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