Loop is not working in Calculate Client Security Hash assignment

Dear All,

I am working the assignment Calculate Client Security Hash, but struck in place where could not loop through the datatable.

My workflow fetching the first data from the system1 and getting the hash value and the same process is running for infinte time. Its not iterating through the next items in the datatable.

Verified the Get transaction data and Process workflows to check whether the loop is working fine. but its looks fine for me.

Could someone help me to figure out issue in my solution, attaching the my solution here.CalculateClientSecurityHash.zip (1021.7 KB)

Please let me know if any clarification needed.
Thanks in advance.

Send screenshot or error you caught

I dont have any error. It fetch the first data( BL17488- Mabel Suttle- Romania) and run in a infinite loop.

I think the issue is with loop, its not fetching the next item from the datatable. But could not figure out what exactly causing issue.

Hi @girishpkd

Assign TransactionNumber value to TransactionNumber +1 as attached in the screen shot.


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Thanks @anandji05. it worked :slight_smile:


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