Calculate client security hash error in Get transactionData

Hi All,

I have an error in Get transactionData. Below the zip project (1.2 MB)

could you support?


Hi @salvatore.quimi

Try to click on the folder next to the path in invoke (Browse for file) and put the path “folder of your project”/framework/GetTransactionData

Hi @doceluch,

when i try to process Transaction number 2, in the “Get transaction data” shows me the below screen:

Could you support or any suggestion?

Thank you!!!


Hello, problem is that the start TransactionNumber = 1 but it supposed to be 0, because in datarow the index goes from 0.

The reason that the process goes in if to then is that datarow.count = 2 and transaction number is 2 too. But datarow maximum index is 1 and thats why is outside of the array.

The solution is probably that you have, somewhere before this getTransactionData invoke, the assing with transactionNumber + 1 but it should be after this invoke.

Something like this probably :).

Hi @doceluch ,
yes in the end I solved by myself, I saw that in the previous activity I did not have the dynamic page to read all the work items.
Thanks anyway

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