Read url's from excel and navigate

I have an excel file with some url’s and I want to navigate through each one so I can extract some data. I have a read range but I don’t know how to set the url to my variable url.

Hi @nikosthe15n

Please try this steps,

  1. read the excel sheet in a datatable( variable name dt_table)
  2. use an open browser activity and open any specific browser.
  3. use for each row and pass the datatable.
    4.Inside for each use navigate to activity and navigate to the url.
    5.extract the data.

Main.xaml (11.6 KB)


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Ok, I have a excel application scope, a read range, a for each row in data table, and a message box (for testing purposes).
But I don’t really know how to do what you suggested (I am new to UiPath)


Inside for each row,

  1. Use open browser activity instead of message box and pass currentrow(0).tostring,

hope the url is in first column of excel file. (it will open a browser with the url in the excel)

  1. Use get text activity and extract the data in the webpage.

  2. Use close application activity and close the browser opened already.


Thank you very much. That’s solve my problem, I really appreciate your help.

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