Lookup Data Table: DoubleConverter cannot convert from (null)

Hi. When “Lookup data table” activity can not find the same column in target dt, can i handle it? For example I want it to pass this column and go on from next lookup

Hi @Hulya_Cetinkaya ,

Yeah this issue i have faced earlier we cannot find the cell reference for the column name in the target data table using lookup data table activity some how it is not able to recognize the header within data table.

For work around use excel application scope and open the excel which you want o find out the column name reference. and use Lookup range activity it should work as expected.

please refer the below UiPath documentation for more guidance. thanks.


If there is any error you are getting while you didn’t find the value

Then try to surround the lookup datatable with Try-Catch

Hope this will help you


This is very good, Thank you :slight_smile: