Lookup Datatable activity if no header value?

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How to use lookup datatable activity if no header stored in excel. Are allowed to use the column index like 0 means first column, 1 means second column?

  • resultDT.Rows(rowInx_DT1).Item(“Status”)
  • like this one
    if i have no column header then i can pass index value resultDT.Rows(rowInx_DT1).Item(3)?

Hi @Sathish_Ashokan

Yes it’s work with the Column index. If it is 1st column index is 0, 2nd column is 1.

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Hello @Sathish_Ashokan

Read Range: Excel Read Range activity
Input: Your Excel file path
Output: DataTable (let’s call it dt)

Lookup DataTable: Lookup DataTable activity
DataTable: dt
LookupColumnIndex: 1 ’ Replace with the index of the lookup column (0-based)
LookupValue: “ValueToLookup”
OutputColumnIndex: 2 ’ Replace with the index of the output column (0-based)
Output: result (Variable of DataRow type)

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