Look Up 2 columns in 2 different tables

Hello, I have a tricky situation where I need to look up for ID and Name column in one data table and check if is on another table
How could this work?
ex. Table 1
ID, Name
1, Micke
2, Jeff
2, Nick
1, Kim

Table 2
1, Kim
1, Micke
3, Alfred
2, Nick

The thing is that this ID repeats for other names that is why I need to make this ‘double’ lookup
Any ideas?


Hey @siteltower

Join Data Table should help in this case.

Sorry unable to get this point.


Means that by my example the ID can be the same for more than one name and that is the reason I need to look up for 2 values at same time

How would Join data table work?

When it’s there for 2 names still you want make it consider as match right ?

It gonna join the tables based on a column match which you choose between tables ( you can also customize join and choose multiple columns also )

Hello @siteltower

Have you check the lookup datatable activity?

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