Looking for a job - Mexico Or Remote or anywhere in the world - RPA Developer

I am looking for a job as an UiPath developer in Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico or a Remote Developer job from anywhere in the world. I’m currently studying Software Engineer and I’m in the 4th semester. I am an UiPath Advance certified developer with over 2 years in experience in Uipath and 6 months of experience in Nice. I’ve made over 30+ Uipath projects so far. I speak fluent English and Spanish.

For any questions please reach me at: renemunro04@gmail.com

Thank you!

Hello, I’m still available. Feel free to contact me for any questions! I’m willing to relocate to any part of Mexico, US or Canada if required. We can schedule a meeting if needed for questions without any compromise. You can send me an email, send me a private message for my phone#, skype or whatsapp. I’m really flexible. Thank you!