Looking for a job - Any Location - UiPath Developer

I’m a Brazilian uipath developer. I’m looking for freelancer offers or a good register job.
I don’t care about your location. Senior RPA Developer and accountant.

My linkedin profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/humberto-andrade-41514b56/
my e-mail: humberto.marjuhh@gmail.com
my whatsapp or telegram: +55 81 992 443 844


Hello Humberto, we posted this freelance opportunity, if interested please send reply:

We are looking for UiPath Developers. Interested developers can apply for a job. And can get paid based on per project. Or based on monthly salary.

For more info contact us on email : cmsingh9872 @ gmail. com

Whats app : 9107427026147

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