JOB: Project based RPA Dev wanted for eCommerce related projects (Amazon, eBay, Shopify)

Hi - we’re hiring a UiPath dev to help with various eCommerce related automation tasks, including:

  1. Scraping Amazon, Walmart, and other pages (from Amazon US and other Amazon global sites)
  2. CSV file merging, comparing, computing and related formulas, including imports from excel, Google sheets, etc.
  3. Syncing data via Amazon API or csv files
  4. Sales and order process automations, and many related tasks

We are looking to hire immediately, and this may be a full-time opportunity once we get past the trial phase. Must have solid proven experience and be able to show advanced UiPath automation and workflows as samples.

Please forward experience and why you’re a good fit for this role. Thanks.


Hi Naeem,

I am interested in current job opening please let me know where I can apply for the Job.
I have 3+ years of experience in UiPath.

Nihal Bisen

Hi Team,
I am interested in this profile. Please tell your mail id so that i can send my resume.
I am working in UiPath with more than 3 years of experience .
Please also let me know job location .


I am interested in this. i have 8.5 years and 2.6 years exp in Uipath. Involved in end to end automation process cycle and Leading a team. Please let me know how to apply for this.