Logs are not visible in Orchestrator but they are in the database

Hi Guys,

I created new environment PR and moved all processes from Environment named: Production Environment to PR, after few days I noticed no logs where showing in jobs it only writes No data to show. When I checked in the database logs are being stored.

During troubleshooting I have tried the following but did not work for me.

  • Restarting both database service and IIS service (web server)
  • Restarting database server and application server (Orchestrator)
  • I have changed the web.config file line robotelasticbuffer from robotelastic (default) to robotelastic1
  • I have changed the uri to empty

Please help, it’s making me have challenges in fixing processes that are fault.

The Logs page displays when logs generated by Robots in all folders that you have access to.
Logs generated outside the context of a folder can be viewed only in the Orchestrator database and Elasticsearch.
Refer this – About Logs

Thanks @KarunaD , I delete Robots logs folder and everything is working fine now

@wilbardmtei Please mark as solution.

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