Login with bot credentials to Dynamics 365

hello All,

Bot needs to login to Dynamics 365 using bot credentials. So here im right clicking on chrome and logging as Different user with bot credentials because current chrome has my user credentials where i dont have access to dynamics 365 account.

When i open dynamics 365 page bot is unable to extract selectors. It is identifying as whole screen. Even though it has chrome extension.

Appreciate your help or responses on this.



It is advised to use official dynamic 365 related activities rather than ui automation on it…


If you still want to go with ui automation then try changing the ui framework to active accessibility from the ui explorer options menu and try to identify the elements…

Also sometimes when you identify you might not see the element but from the visual tree on ui explorer you can expand and get the elements if they are available there

Hope this helps


Hi @Chaithanya_Rayankula

Here are some steps you can follow to identify elements on the Dynamics 365 page:

  1. Check if the selectors are being generated correctly. Open the UiExplorer and try to highlight the elements on the Dynamics 365 page to see if they are being recognized by UiPath.
  2. If the selectors are not being generated correctly, try using different attributes to identify the element. For example, you can use the “aaname”, “class”, “idx”, or “name” attributes to identify the element.
  3. If the selectors are being generated correctly but UiPath is still not able to identify the elements, try using different activities to interact with the page. For example, you can use the “Click Image” activity or the “Find Element” activity to locate the element and then perform the desired action.
  4. Ensure that the selectors you are using are unique to the element you are trying to interact with. If the selector is too broad, UiPath may not be able to identify the correct element on the page.
  5. If the issue persists, try running UiPath in debug mode to see if you can identify any errors or issues that may be causing the problem.
  6. If the Dynamics 365 page is within an iframe, you may need to switch to the iframe before you can interact with the elements on the page. You can use the “Switch To Browser Window” activity or the “Switch To Iframe” activity to switch to the correct window or iframe.

Kaviyarasu N