Login on website via Bot fails

Hey there,

my problem: I have a website where I have to sign in.
When I do this by my own, it works.
When the bot tries to, it loads infinitely long.
Navigating with the bot works, but not signing in.

I installed the browser extension. Using another browser does not work as well.
Are there websites these denies using rpa?

Thanks a lot!

Hey [Eva Katarina Helbig,

Use Element Exist for select the element so that it will wait for the element which Appears after loading the Page of your Website then after
Use IF else condition and keep Output of Element exist in If Activity then you can do further steps.


There are lot of reasons for this…

Cause1: Because of network issue

Solution: Use Element Exists activity->Create one output variable->Take one if condition->Output=True->In then block use the log in->In Else block Give some delay and use Navigate to the same URL->Then use login again in else block…

Cause2: Because The speed of the bot or Network is fast…

Solution: Use Delay activity and give some 4 To 5 Seconds delay…

Cause3: Selectors issue

Solution: Make the selectors very dynamic by using the wild cards…


Thanks to both of you.

Cause1: well the file is selected when the button appears so that wont be the cause.
Cause2: I tried - it doesnt work.
Cause3: selectors work as well

Everything is selected its just loading infinitely.

More ideas? :confused:


Have you checked in the Debug mode whether it is typing in the text box? Use Highlight element in the debug mode and try to debug it…

Will get to know…


I checked with Highlight Elements and it is typing in the box yes:)


Then the issue with the bot speed…

Try to add some delay…

This will works fine…

In the type in to activity add some delay-> between keys and Before after as well

Try this and let me know


I already tried and put delays after all activities (5 sec). Did not work :confused:


It suppose to work…

Could you please show me the properties panel of type into?



There is no delay added…

Add 2000->Delay before
Add 2000->Delay after
Add 1000->Delay between keys

Try this and let me know


I put the delay as seperate acitivity before.
I used your advice but its still loading forever.



What do you mean by loading?

Check click before typing as well in the property panel


Its not leading to the next page.

The other day it worked. I assume it must be a problem on the providers side of the web application. Thanks a lot!

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I hope you got the solution…

Make the appropriate post as solution… and close the thread…

If you need any help create a new thread…

Happy Automation


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