LogicApp Triggering twice for no reason

Hi Everyone,

I have a LogicApp that informs the UiPath Orchestrator when to run when an input file is entered into a sharepoint folder.

When a file is uploaded the UiPath process triggers twice causing the second process to fault due to no data being available to process,

This is happening even though the LogicApp trigger history says it only fires once.

UiPath Error:

Logic App:

Trigger History:

This is one of 3 processes we are experiencing this error on, one with a “When a File is Created in Sharepoint” and one 2 “When an email arrives in a shared inbox”

Any help deciphering why 2 processes would start from 1 LogicApp trigger would be much appreciated

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Hi @Jared_Duggan

Could you maybe replace the actual process with a dummy one that will simply log a line and see if the issue repeats?

It would also help to see the payload of the StartJobs entry in the Logic App.

A slightly different approach to consider could be to use Orchestrator API to create a queue item instead of to trigger the process. You could then have a queue trigger that fires instantly on a new queue item, which should also resolve this issue (albeit a weird one).

But then again, my first bet would be to try and see whether the same happens for a dummy 1 Log Message activity process.