Apps runs 2-3 times a process instead of only once

Hi There,

I have tried to build my first app

I have two text areas, each with value binding in General tab equal to an out argument I extract in a process.

Each text areas have an event created for “value changed” to start the process that extract the argument I tell you above

Very very simple stuff

The problem is that each process runs minimum two times, sometimes up to seven times, which is crazy behavior as it should run once for each of my text area

Can someone explain what is going on?

Hi @raool90

Would it be possible for you to provide some screenshot of your UiPath App (or even export it and share it)?


Here it is.

Dashboard.uiapp (50.4 KB)

Any news here @loginerror Maciej Kuzmicz?

I have trouble reproducing your issue.

Could you maybe also share your robot setup and versions of your Studio/Robot that are running those automations (as well as some screenshots of the behaviour in the Orchestrator Jobs panel)?

Not sure what you mean by robot setup

Studio version is 2021.10.4 Community Edition
Here is the screenshot where you can see clearly that my scripts run several times

Thank you for the extra information. Due to it being quite tricky to reproduce, would it be possible for you to record a short video with the application on one side and this list of processes on the other, so that we can see the full faulty behaviour?

To start debugging the issue, I would suggest creating a new app to try to start fresh (even though the process you’ve shared is indeed already quite basic).

@loginerror I recorded the video. Should I upload it to my Youtube or how should I send it?

That would be completely up to you :slight_smile: Maybe a YouTube unlisted link is the best here (you can send it to me via a private message @loginerror)

@raool90 - it looks like you’re using the start processes rule in 3 places:


For the two text areas, these events are bound to onChange. So here’s what’s happening:

  1. The process is triggered when the first page loads
  2. After it’s complete, the textarea values are updated with the results of that process
  3. The process is triggered again for each textarea that changed

To fix this (and achieve what sounds like your desired functionality), remove the start process rule for the two textboxes.

If you’re looking to run two processes sequentially, try to nest the second start process rule within the ‘When Completed’ field:

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Many thanks Evan. Works now

Also thanks @loginerror

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