More than one robot in a single job

I noticed a very strange behaviour of my Orchestrator. Scenario goes like this:

  1. My environment has two unattended robots
  2. I deploy a process to that environment
  3. I set up a trigger to run the process every day at 9.30, with execution target set to “Allocate dynamically” and “Execute the process” = 1 times. Nothing strange until now.
  4. Now the weird part: Sometimes when a job is created by the trigger, somehow it starts the process not on a single robot, but on both of them. And both robots add logs to the same job.
    Look at the screen shot below which shows logs from that kind of job.


    This does not make any sense - there should ALWAYS be ONE robot for ONE job. Even if “Execute the process” = 2 times , then there should be 2 separate jobs for the process.

This problem is not limited only to this process, many processes have been impacted that way during last couple months. Error takes place irregularly and cannot be replicated. happens about once a week.

Orchestrator version is 2020.4.1.


This seems to be a bug of your orchestrator version. If you check the next link, you’ll see that has been fixed for v2020.4.4 version:

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Hi @mr.pawel

Following the above suggestion, could you give the latest patch for 20.4 and see if this fixes the issue?

Feel free to contact our technical support in case of any issues: