Logging in to SSO app from multiple bots

I need to log in to an app that has SSO. 1 of several bots will be logging in (1 at time but load balance by Orchestrator). I have 1 bot per server right now. Each bot has its own AD and email accounts. I have a master login account for the workflows so the bots can all use the username and pwd. But now that the app is switching to SSO, the only thing I can think of is to set up each bot in the app - which will become unmanageable as we bring in more bots.

Is there a best practices way of handling SSO without setting up each bot in the app?

I have seen pieces of this in the forum, but unable to put it all together.


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Is the target application supports multiple session for the same user account? If not then, there is no option to handle it.

Thank you, sarathi, for replying. Only 1 bot will be accessing the app at a time. However, for load-balancing reasons, it could be any of 7 bots.


  1. You can login to the app using incognito so that the login can happen always …i hope you dont have any mfa setup

  2. Disable autologin in browser sot hat everytiem you login you can use any account you need


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