Log into GSuite with a specific browser

Is it possible to specify which browser GSuite asks the user to log into? I want the user to only use Edge, but currently it seems to be set to open in the default browser. The issue I am having is that the bot I am making is going to be run on multiple computers. Logging into a Gmail account on Chrome creates problems with that.

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HI @nia321,

Could you give more details about your process?

This login UI appears for what reason?

Without knowing many details of your process, I have two possible solutions:

  1. Set Microsoft Edge as the default browser on all machines.
  2. :warning: Workaround alert :warning:
    Let the UI open in Google Chrome, use Attach Browser activity on the login UI that opened in Google Chrome, get and store the url (Get Current URL), close the Google Chrome login UI, use an Open Browser activity and set Microsoft Edge as BrowserType and the URL obtained in the previous steps as Url.

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Hi @nia321,

I hope you would be using open browser activity to open the browser.
In the properties of the activity, you may notice BrowserType dropdown, here you can select the type of browser which need to be opened.


Hope this would help you to sort out your issue.


I am using the Calendar functionality of the GSuite, in order to add events to the calendar, the user either needs to log in before the bot is run or during the time it is running. If it is the latter, UiPath will use whatever the default browser is for the computer in order to open a login screen. I need to set this specific event to open in Microsoft Edge, only, and not in Chrome.

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Thanks for your response, but I whenever I try this by placing the GSuite activities inside the Do function, the default browser will still open for login, even if I set it to open in a different browser.

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Hi @nia321

It seems that if you inform the Calendar ID, you don’t need to worry with the login.

Here is how to get the Calendar ID

You could set some assets to store all the Calendar Ids you need for each of your users or even only one with non global value (if possible). How many users do you have for this process? Is it reasonable?

Thanks for your response. Using the CalendarID does help with identifying the specific calendar that I want to use, but it still requires the user to log in. The issue is coming from the GSuite Application Scope activity, not the calendar activity itself. When the bot comes to the GSuite Application Scope part of the code, it always asks the user to sign in. In its properties, I cannot find an area to change the designated browser for logging in.

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Have you tried the workaround I described?

Could you send a screenshot of all the properties of your GSuite Application Scope activity?


Yes, I tried your Workaround Alert in number 2 in your original post and it worked! Thanks for your help.

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Thank you! Using step 2 helped me solve the issue.

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I’m glad it helped you, @nia321 :slight_smile:

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