Use Application/Browser not using Google Chrome

Hello everyone!

I know for sure that the activity ‘Open Browser’ has the option to pick which browser you want to use. But I want to use the modern activity ‘Use Application/Browser’, but it always uses ‘Internet Explorer’ (IE) instead of ‘Google Chrome’ (GC). Probably because the server uses IE as default. Is there a way to choose GC over IE within ‘Use Application/Browser’?
Or do I have to use the other activity ‘Open Browser’ in chase i want to use GC?

Mahrie :bear:

Dear Mahrie,
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You can use chrome as well with Use App/Browser activity.
Try the below steps:
1.Install the UiPath extensions for chrome.
2.Open the page which you want to automate in chrome window
3.Select the above chrome window as indicate the target in Use app/browser activity.
It will then open the page in chrome when you run the program

Hope this helps…

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+1 more thing you can verify

After performing the above steps ,you can check the selector:
It indicates
You can set that as well

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Hi Geeta,

Could you please let me know how you have used StudioX activity open application/browser in Community Studio.

Thanks alot @geetishree.rao ! It worked.

Mahrie :bear:

Hi Nikhil…
I have used Modern design in UiPath Studio.Under UIAutomation activities you will find the same.
You can find this in StudioX as well under Show All activities

Hope this helps

Dear Mahrie,
Great to hear that.

Could you please mark this as the solution so that it helps others who are in similar situations.


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