Locally deployed nupkg are not available in Ui Assistant

I need to run BOT from Ui Assistant without deploying the code into orchestrator.
I have published the nupkg in below folder.
But the packages are not showing in UiAssisstant.
How to resolve this? Any license update required here?
I am using community edition, UiPath Studio connected to Orchestrator.

in case of the Assistant / Studio is connected to Orchestrator the local deployed processes are not in the Assistant Process list. Give a try and disconnect from ORC and check out the Process list again.

What @ppr its right i also facing this issue lo of time
So please disconnected and connect trough URL not by sigin use machine key and orchestrator URL

if you get the solution mark it as solution close this thread

Chethan P

Use UiPath agent if you don’t have orchestrator, Ui path assistant woks only with orchestrator. To locate Ui path agent go to Uipath studio file location and find Ui path agent under Ui path studio folder, then pin the agent to your task bar, you will see all the process you published.

if I disconnect, in Assistant, there is no connection

I found uipath agent and pinned to task bar. But I could not open that.
if I click or double click, nothing is opening.

then do like this just uninstall and reinstall some times updated will not properly for that reason.
I also facing this issues

Hi All,
Thanks for your responses. I got it now.
I disconnected the orch license in assistant. Post that, it asked to ‘stay offline’.
I clicked ‘Stay offline’. All my packages are displaying now.

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