How can I get a locally published package into the Assistant without using the Orchestrator?


I would like to publish a package locally and then get it into my assistant, without using the orchestrator.

I have managed to publish the project in question and I got the .nupkg file in the folder specified, but I have not found anything so far to get this package into my assistant.

I came across this post Can we deploy UiPath Project locally? but that didn’t really solve my problem, altough it seems that there was an attempt to do so.

I have checked the path mentioned (C:\Users%Username%.nuget\packages) but it seems that all the files there are scatterd and none of the folders is reffering to “my robot” as described in the post.

How can I get my locally published project into the assistant? :slight_smile:



Try -

1. First Publish it on custom setting as shown


2-> After publish , copy the published packaged and paste it in C->Program data->Uipath->Packages

3. Open uipath assistant and check the package.

Hello, thanks for your reply, but it seems that my UiPath installation resides neither in Program Files nor in Program files (x86).
And there is also no packages folder in C\User\Username\AppData\ neither in Local, nor Roaming.
I’m a bit lost where to place the files.



"Program data " folder is always hidden in c drive.
You have to unhide it first.

Thanks for the hint, I found the folder and copied my file over. But even after closing all UiPath related programs, there is still nothing showing up in my Assistant.



Click on "offline " in assistant.

Do you mean I should log out? I don’t see an “offline” option anywhere.



Yes,you have to logout from assistant.

Ok now I can see the package awaiting installation. Thanks.

I just hope that I can now invoke that from a different package that is also installed locally. :slight_smile:


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