Orchestrator push to robot (No Studio) - Where are local files located?

Hi, I am currently using a VM. This VM does not have Studio installed, only UiPath Robot is installed. We are not copying the project folder and running it from Studio. So the only way to run any workflow is to push the package/process from Orchestrator to the robot.

When we do this, where do you find the local files and data?

E.g. Config.xlsx – usually we find this file in the Data subfolder of the project folder with Main.xaml and project.json

Also, the bot sometimes writes files to Environment.CurrentDirectory\Data\Output for example.

  1. Since we are pushing the workflow to the VM via Orchestrator and not running a copy of project folder files directly from Studio, where are these local files and project files located on the VM?
  2. How do you push the package to the VM robot without running the workflow job?

@DEATHFISH You can check this Folder Path :




Since you’re using an Orchestrator, if you have the package you can upload the Package to that Orchestrator.

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I’ve uploaded the package to Orchestrator but how do you push the package to the robot machine?

@DEATHFISH Have you downloaded that package in that robot machine using the Robot Tray or UiPath Assistant ?

@supermanPunch I downloaded the package from the robot tray and then went to C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages, the folder is empty.

Also there is no folder named C:\Users\UserName\ .nuget\packages

UserName being the user’s name with which you have logged in to the system.

Yes I used the folder with the same username, the .nuget\packages folder does not exist

C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages is also empty

Edit: Btw this was how I downloaded the package using the robot tray

robot tray_download

@DEATHFISH Do you have UiPath Assistant in that machine ?

@supermanPunch Nope don’t have UiPath Assistant

@DEATHFISH - if its download successful without error → Icon will change to Play/Run Icon.
After clicking on download icon → any error notification/message appear?

No error notification or message. Icon changes to play/run icon.

Any idea where the local project folder (with Config file etc) is located?

@DEATHFISH -robot installed in c drive? if yes - try below path
if not - try to look into the installation drive path.

or you can check : %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages

** please unhide the folder view

@GBK Please see above, the .nuget\packages folder does not exist

C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages is also empty

These directories do not exist in other hard drives

please try to search folder name in all drivers and check. It should create process folder when you download the process from Robot Tray.

Hi, do you know how to change this directory?

After starting an RDP session our robot couldn’t find this directory. So we need to change this directory.