Loading more option using ui Path

Hi All,

I am using data scrapping to extract data from a webpage and saving to excel.

On 1page 10 records are there then i click to next page then again 10 records. I can click next upto 5 pages & 10 records per page means 50 records. After 50 records i need to click load more button then 1 more page will available with 10 records then again load more button for next 10 records and son on.

My question is after taking data till 5 page how can i go to load more button and take data and repeat this activity till the last page.

Hi @aggarwal-r ,

This would work ,but cannot say it as an ideal solution
you can use do while loop and achieve this where in in the do- you can click on load more button (till it exists) and then in while you can give the logic of extracting the data using datascraping.

can you please share the website details( or workflow) ,i will give a try for the better solution if possible