Data scraping from web for custom pages UiPath RPA

I am trying to create a process in which I am having data scaping activity and I need the data only from page 5 to page 7. How can I achieve this task?

Hi @Aaqib_Jamshed ,

Check if it possible to navigate from URL to the page no 5 then you can do for rest pages.

Hi! Welcome to the Community!

You can set the limit for scraping the data.

Click on 5 th page first then

You have to scrape the 5th page data and you have to choose for the next page button.

After scraping the data, We have an option in Extracted dataTable Limit set number.

You can scrape till that Page.


Hello @Aaqib_Jamshed

Here instead of giving the navigation button in the Data scrapping, you can use a loop here.

You can use a while loop . For example if the maximum number of pages are 10,

Element exists (check the existance of pagenumber and pass i to the idx)
if exist use a click activity to click on the page number
use datascrapping

So loop will continue and fetch the data from page 5