Live Streaming & Remote Control - Preview release

Hi there UiPath Community,

We are excited to announce the release of our new Preview feature - Live Streaming and Remote Control of unattended automations!

While a job is in progress, for processes that have Live Streaming and Remote Control enabled, a user with the right privileges set can access the live stream in order to see the automation execution, would be able to then take remote control (use own mouse & keyboard as input on the controlled machine), without pausing the automation, if in-depth debugging or unblocking is needed on the robot environment.

We think that having this capability directly in Orchestrator Jobs can drastically decrease the time it takes to troubleshoot automations - seeing the live stream is just two clicks away.

To get more details on what we’ve built and how to set it up, please consult our documentation.

We are committed to continuously improving our product and would love to hear your feedback once you try it out. Please let us know how this feature is working for you and how we can improve it further.

Last but not least, I want to give a big thanks to all the teams involved in making this feature possible. Their hard work and dedication have made this new feature a reality.

Thank you all for using our products and helping us improve them. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Adrian Tamas
UiPath Product Manager


Awesome new feature. Will be looking forward to using this one when required.

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Hi @Adrian_Tamas ,

I Tried this Feature and its working fine for me with one Exception that it is changing settings of my computer.

Whenever I am using this - My Wallpaper is getting changed to a default Black Screen . Tried doing the same multiple times - same thing happens.

Not sure if thats the Tight VNC or something else.



Hi Mukesh,

Glad you tried it and that it’s working well. Would be curious to know once you use it more how it goes.

The wallpaper is a configuration option in Tight VNC. It’s meant to optimize for performance, but can be set to however you prefer from the first screen as you open the server.


@Adrian_Tamas ,

Thank you - I got it - Just adding the screenshot here of the setting for anyone else facing the same.



@mukeshkala - You’re very welcome. That’s what I was referring to. Thanks for adding the screenshot!

I’m Community Edition user.
I tried using the official documentation.
The UR mashine specs are a Hyper-v virtual machine assigned with 3 VCPUs, 6GB of memory, and a virtual disk by M.2 SSD on the host pc.
1.Installing TightVNC on a UR machine

2.Setting a target process

3.Using Live Streaming
I ran the process in Orchestrator on the host pc, and when it was running, I chose live streaming in the menu.

I was able to use it without any particular problems in the environment of this spec.


hi @Adrian_Tamas, this is a great feature for support team to intervene and fix the issue to click some pop up release the control and have the bot continue the run.

When will this feature be available in the live cloud version of the Orchestrator?

It is interesting indeed.

Do you plan to integrate TightVNC into the robot package to ease the deployment?


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Thanks for the feedback. We aim to have it deployed next week.


Thanks. We do plan to ease the setup, so expect further updates in this area. Can’t detail now though.


Thanks Adrian. What day next week? Could you please provide the date and time and we can plan our bot setup and have it ready?

Thanks & Regards

Valathappan(Val) Sivaraman

I’m glad you asked specifically as that made me double-check and we’re actually enabling it tomorrow in cloud. Looking forward to you enabling it and hearing back after you start using it.


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:radio_button: Introduction
:radio_button: What is Live Streaming
:radio_button: Configure Live Streaming
:radio_button: Trigger Process from Computer 1
:radio_button: Take Remote Control
:radio_button: Download and Install Tight VNC
:radio_button: Trouble Shooting



Hi Adrian,

Do we need to update the UiPath client to any specific version to use this feature?

Hi. For ACR Serverless it is available, for Windows Robots you will need to have version 23.4 for the feature to work.

Hi @Adrian_Tamas

This is an amazing update, i’ll try this out.

Appreciate the efforts in bringing this feature. :smiley:

Vasanth Kumar

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Good to know, will pass along the appreciation to the teams. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.