Announcing Studio Web UIAutomation & Live streaming

Hey everyone. We have some really cool Studio Web improvements for you to try out. See below :slight_smile:

UIAutomation serverless execution live streaming

Adding on the Studio Web UIAutomation release and based on your feedback, we’re pleased to announce that the UIAutomation serverless execution live streaming feature is now available.

What is Live Streaming?

When building and testing automation with UIAutomation activities (e.g. Click, Type Into, etc.), you can now visually follow how the automation unfolds within the cloud robot. You can even take control of the remote machine and, if required, interfere with the browser UI running remotely.

Key advantages

UIAutomation Live Streaming triggers an ‘aha’ moment and makes you aware that the execution is done remotely with no cookies, not locally within the local browser cookies context.

Furthermore, you can troubleshoot/debug the automation while executing on cloud robots.

You can also open the streaming window in a different tab, move it to another monitor, pop it back into the Studio Web tab, open it as a PiP window, or even take control of it when needed.

See it in action

Enjoy and let us know what you think below :slight_smile:


yes I tried and the email activity didnot work for me too, even the connector is saving drafts instead of sending the emails

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Hey @ab00333721

Could you please let us know what wasn’t working?

As far as the Send Email activity, please change this setting to send your emails:

Looks cool, will try it out :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Please do and let us know what use cases you came up with, we’re super curious to learn your findings :slight_smile:

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Sure I will check this

do you mean now i can see the behavior for unattended Robot live?


Yes :slight_smile: And if needed, you can open the stream to a new tab and even take control of the session to manually click something to debug the interactions.

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That’s interested :smiley:

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Just to clarify - this is for now only available for Studio Web processes.

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