List of IP Addresses to Whitelist on Firewall



Can you let me know what are all the IP addresses that needs to be whitelisted in order for UiPath Studio, UIPath Robot.exe and other applications to work properly.

Our server is in a secure location behind the firewall, where it does not have access to internet and any other resources. Our Network Security team will open up to a very specific set of resources/locations if required, provided we submit the host/port info.

So, we were wondering does anyone have all the list of IP addresses that are required for UI Path, Orchestrator…

Based on the netstat command on the server i do see that it is making connections to Cloudflare and Microsoft Servers.

IP Address Ports Name 80,443 CloudFlare, Inc 80,443 Microsoft 80,443 Rackspace Hosting

I understand that Microsoft/Rackspace has a range of address and the one’s listed above is only one of the address in their default IP range.

  1. To begin with, why UIPath is trying to connect to MS Servers & Rackspace and why is it needed ?
  2. If #1 is required, what are the IP ranges that needs to whitelisted ?
  3. Are there any other servers that i am missing.

I would really appreciate it if someone could provide me a list of all the IP ranges and Ports that needs to be allowed on firewall for the UIpath Studio, Uipath Robot, Orchestrator applications to work.




Hi Ravi,

There are some hostnames in this post for UiPath Studio: Needed Accessible Endpoints from Studio but if you want the full protocol list, please create a ticket and the support team will give you more details becase some of them cannot be made public.


So why UIRobot continually make connection with