Required IP Addresses which need to whitelist for UIPath Community edition

Anyone please help with URLs or IPs which I need to Whitelist in my network firewall so that I can activate UIPath Community edition. As I have very limited internet access. I need the complete list of IPs and Ports which need to whitelist in my network so that uipath community edition will work smoothly.

Already whitelisted Services given in below link but it doesn’t work.

I am using uipath 20.10.2 version.


Check below for configuring the proxy

If you need to whitelist, the link you mentioned is sufficient I believe

Hope this helps you


Thanks @ksrinu070184

But that URL List is not sufficient as in new version first time we need to sign in in studio. and for sign in we need to whitelist ‘’ URL. which is not in the given list in the link which I have mentioned.

Although I have whitelisted ‘’ still the login page is not opening. there are more than 7 IPs hitting on firewall when I try to access so I just want to know exact IPs list which need to whitelist so that I can run uipath studio community edition.

Can Anyone have any information regarding this?

@loginerror / @Pablito

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Hi @ajat

IP addresses might change at any point, it is safer to just whitelist the * domain.

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