LinkedIn Learning Report Download using API automation

Hello UiPath Lovers…

I have a requirement to leverage LinkedIn API automation using UiPath that can download LinkedIn learning reports everyday.
But, I have no idea about API automation with UiPath.
Can you please help me in gaining knowledge about this API integration also about LinkedIn API automation to download LinkedIn learning reports.

I started working on this and status is:

  1. with help of client credentials able to generate OAuth2 access token
  2. Passed access token inside http request activity of UiPath, but it says empty OAuth2 token.

This is the LinkedIn learning report API:

PFB screenshot:

Any help???

Thank You.

Rajesh Attada,

Finding my Path —> Using UiPath

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The reference are given below:

Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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Thank You so much Souravh.

If you have any idea about LinkedIn API automation to download LinkedIn Learning Reports, please guide me.

Hi Rajesh,

You can use HTTP Request Activity and call the endpoint as mentioned here

Try passing the values in header as shown below, if doesn’t work try passing it in parameters also. Change the highlighted field with your key and try it.


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Thank you so much.

Your suggestion, adding the OAuth2 access token in headers, helped me.
One thing to notice while adding the value
Name: Authorization
Value: Bearer …token…

Also timeout should be properly mentioned as per the processing time to get a response for our API call.

Anmol…You are the reason for my today’s happiness…:smiley:
Thank you for assisting at the right time, this helped me to raise my motivation to work more.

Rajesh Attada

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@Rajesh.Attada01 Yes Bearer has to be added in every access token you pass.
Have a great day!

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This is the first time trying to call API, so that’s why unaware of this… Bearer.
Now I am clear with the procedure.

  1. Calling few API’s need client credentials —> Here we can give the values in Header
  2. Calling few API’s need Access Token —> Here we have to give the value appending Bearer at the starting.

*Generating access token with the help of client credentials using a provided API by respective application.

Got it Anmol. :+1:
Thank you again :smile:

Rajesh Attada

Finding my Path → Using Uipath

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